Thursday, October 9, 2008

Big Week II

Just to clarify, this is the second post about the big week, not the first post on a second big week. Anyway, I'm totally exhausted, but everything has gone pretty well this week. I did okay on the two exams, and I feel like I've done pretty well in the interviews so far. I've got my last two interviews on Friday morning, and then I'll be done. I should start hearing back about second interviews sometime next week.
One thing that's nice about the on-campus interviewing process is that ASU has encouraged the accounting firms to have similar time frames for their hiring process. They all did their first round of interviews this week, and will all do second interviews by the end of October. They're all supposed to make offers by the beginning of November, and give candidates until after Thanksgiving to either accept or decline them. It's a really good process, and it takes away a lot of the stress - "should I accept this offer, or take a chance and wait for the company that I really want to work for to make an offer?"

I found a new favorite website this week, and don't worry, it has nothing to do with politics. I was on (another great college football website that I've been following for a while), and he linked to the Smart Football blog, which had a story on why Auburn's offense has been struggling so much this season. That post had some really interesting things in it, and it was obvious that he had a lot of expertise when it comes to the technical and strategic aspects of football. So I started poking around the site a little bit more and found some posts about the spread offense, and about run/pass balance. I was really intrigued when he started talking about game theory, Nash Equilibriums, and optimization problems, and relating it all to football. I thought I had died and gone to heaven - a combination of two of my loves - economics and football. It's probably too boring for casual football fans, but if you are interested in the strategic part of football, specifically offensive schemes, it's a great site.

More good articles from Thomas Sowell - this week he's written a three-part series on Barack Obama. They're here, here and here.

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Brooke Jenkins said...

Finally a blog that made me laugh. I love you Chris and your obsessions.