Thursday, September 18, 2008

School and other things

Man, it's already been month since my last post. Anyway, after about a month, school is going well. Most of my classes are pretty straightforward, and I feel like I'm understanding the material pretty well. I'll start having exams next week, so we'll see for sure.
A couple of weeks ago, I attended a "meet the firms" event on campus. It was a pretty good networking opportunity, especially since it was at the west campus, and not very crowded. 3 of the big 4 were there (PWC didn't attend), as well as a lot of meduim sized accounting firms, and a few gevernment agencies, including the IRS (not exactly my dream job). The interesting thing I found out was that a lot of the firms are already getting ready to interview for jobs that begin next fall. So I've spent a lot of time lately working on my resume, and filling out applications. Being in a 1 year Masters of Accountancy program, with an undergraduate degree in something other than accounting, creates an interesting situation. Most of the interviews take place in early October, so if I get selected, I'll have only a month of accounting classes under my belt. Most of the other candidates are in 5 yr MAcc programs or are doing an undergraduate degree in accounting, so will have had a few years of accounting classes. Also, the typical routine for an accounting student is to do an internship prior to the last year of school, which I didn't do (I wasn't even considering returning to school a year ago). So I'm applying for a mix of full-time positions and internships, and we'll see how it works out. It may be a year from now before I'm able to get a really good job.

All summer, I've been looking forward to the beginning of football season, and especially ASU's game with Georgia. It was supposed to be a big deal: Top 5 Georgia vs Top 15 ASU, both undefeated, ESPN Gameday in Tempe, etc. Boy, ASU blew it. Coach Erickson didn't want to give UGA anything to work with as far as game film, and played it too close to the vest against UNLV. Big disappointment. I'm still excited for the game, though, and maybe since I'm not expecting too much, I won't be let down.

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