Sunday, August 24, 2008


I keep saying I'm going to post more regularly, but it doesn't happen. I've been really busy the last month or so - working 50-60 hours a week, getting ready for school, looking for a part-time job, and going on a family vacation.

For those who don't know, I am returning to school to get a master's in accountancy. It's a one-year program in the School of Global Management and Leadership at ASU West. When complete, Ill be prepared to pass the CPA exam. Well, yesterday was the new student orientation for graduate students in the SGML, and I received some interesting news. Because of budget shortfalls, the SGML and the WP Carey School of Business (at the main campus) are being merged. Initially this caused some uproar, because SGML students weren't sure what was going to happen to their programs. In fact, during the last week there were rumors that the online element of the program I'm in was going to be canceled. Because of all the uncertainty, the dean of the WP Carey school was invited to the orientation to answer any questions the students might have. He assured all of us that we would be able to complete the program we enrolled in, including those who were doing online degrees. In the end, the merger will be a good thing for me, because my master's degree will be from the WP Carey School of Business, a top 25 business school, and not from the SGML.
Classes start on Monday, and I'm a little nervous as well as excited. I'm enrolled in 4 classes - Accounting theory and practice I, professional practice seminar, cost management, and taxation and estate planning. I'll take 4 more classes in the spring, 2 in the summer and will be done. Hopefully it will go by fast.
This will be my last week at Desert Services. Last week I found a part-time job at Dick's Sporting Goods, and will start there on September 2nd.

I finally finished Liberal Fascism about a month ago. I also read State of Fear by Michael Crichton. The book has an agenda, but the author doesn't try to hide it. In fact, he included an appendix in which he explains his thoughts on global warming. The next book I want to read is The Last Patriot by Brad Thor. I'll let you know how it is.

Also, my new favorite website is Check it out.

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Good luck with graduate school. That is exciting stuff!