Sunday, March 23, 2008

My first time

Well, here it goes. Today was Easter, and we had a nice day here at home with the kids. We did an Easter egg hunt in the morning, and they loved it. Craig caught on quicker than I thought he would. He actually found more eggs than Abigail in the first couple of minutes, then lost interest.
Brooke cooked a ham in the crock pot so it was ready as soon as we got home from church, and dinner was nice.

On to other topics:

Discovery Channel: Last night, Brooke and I watched a program that I think was called Jesus: The Complete Story. We were pleasantly surprised. Usually programs like this one are out to prove religion wrong and that the Bible is historically inaccurate or scientifically impossible. This one actually sought to show how the story of Jesus did fit into generally accepted historical and scientific ideas. Really intriguing stuff - I recommend checking it out - I bet they replay it sometime soon.

Barack Obama: For a long time, I thought he was a decent guy that was really, really liberal (and was a lesser evil than Hillary Clinton). After this week my opinion of him has changed. There are only two conclusions that can be reached about his association with Jeremiah Wright. First, that he, for the most part, has the same racist, anti-american political views as the pastor and is now trying to distance himself from him so that he can win the election. The other is that he doesn't share those views, but joined Pastor Wright's congregation in order to appear more authentic in his "blackness" and gain the political support of african-americans in chicago at the start of his political career, and now that he needs broader support in order to win the Democratic nomination, and eventually the general election, is distancing himself from the pastor. Both possibilities show a lack of integrity, although the first is most troubling.
Jeremiah Wright has made enough radical statements on numerous occasions that the idea that Obama "wasn't there on that Sunday", or wasn't aware of them is absurd. Obama has been aware and has chosen to remain close to the pastor for 20 years.
I have begun to connect the dots lately - his association with Wright, his having the most liberal voting record in the senate, his wife's comments about never being proud of America, his refusal to put his hand over his heart during the pledge of allegiance, etc. - and have come to the opinion that he isn't a decent guy, and would be complete disaster as President, easily the worst we've ever had, and would cause severe damage to this country if elected. I realize John McCain isn't the perfect candidate, but it is becoming evident that support for him is critical. (Sorry, I went on longer than I thought I would).

I've read some good books lately, and would recommend them to anybody else.

Capitalism and Freedom - Milton Friedman
A difficult read, but incredibly important stuff if you can get through it.

An Inconvenient Book - Glenn Beck
A much easier read - lots of pictures, charts, etc. Funny at times. Glenn is spot on about a lot of topics

Liberal Fascism - Jonah Goldberg
I'm up to chapter 5 and love it so far. I've learned a ton. A lot of history, specifically about the liberal movement and its origins.

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